Get to the Bottom of the Causes, Symptoms and Remedies of Swollen Eyelids

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As ill luck would have it, you might fall victim to swollen eyelids once in a while. Many would wind up all jittery about its causes and at sea about how to deal with it. First and foremost thing is, consulting with your optometrist and have them diagnose the exact causes and come up with suitable remedies. If things are not that bad, you can even go so far as to home-treat yourself. To free you from the trouble at figuring out what causes are, a systematic analysis of its causes, symptoms and remedies is offered as follows.

Causes of Swollen Eyelids

I. Eye Allergies. Eye allergies can well deserve the name of the ringleader of swollen eyelids. Accompanying symptoms are eyelids irritation and irritation. Exposed to the allergen, cells in the eyes release histamines and other chemicals with the aim of protecting eyes, thus causing blood vessels inside the eyes to swell. Itchy, red and watery symptoms are to be expected. In this case, prescription medications are recommended to relieve these annoying symptoms. Extremely preferable is antihistamines which will contribute to the recovery of swollen eyelids pretty fast.

II. Conjunctivitis. Characteristic of inflammation of the conjunctiva or mucous membrane, conjunctivitis is mainly caused by allergies or bacterial infection. Eyes stuck together with mucus, the patients might feel a twinge of irritation and itching.

III. Eye styes and Chalazion. If your oil producing glands in the eyelid get inflamed or infected by bacteria, high odds are you’ve got a stye. It takes on the appearance of a reddish bump on the eyelid. You might feel sensitive to light. Chalazion is also another contributor to swollen eyelids which develops as a result of blocked glands. Redness, swelling and itchiness are to be expected.

IV. Graves’ Disease. Graves’ disease is in a position to cause proptosis and bulging of the eyes, hence swollen eyelids.

V. Cellulitis. Swollen eyelids come in more seriousness under the influence of cellulitis. Preceptal cellulitis and orbital cellulitis, two main kinds of cellutitis concerning the cause of swollen eyelids, are often caused by bacterial infection. When patients have swollen eyelids caused by cellulitis, they would fell pain when you move their eyeballs back and forth.

VI. Herpes Infection. Once you cornea is inflamed, eye herpes are about to take shape. Painful sores on the eyelid are to be felt when the eyelid begin to swell.

Swollen Eyelids

Symptoms of Swollen Eyelids

As indicated by the very name, its symptoms include swollen eyelids (the most conspicuous one), pain in the eyelids, redness, headache, blurred vision or possible double vision. Fever is also to be expected.

Remedies of Swollen Eyelids

If you are so unfortunate as to have one or any of the symptoms listed above, please hasten to the doctors’ and have them conduct a full diagnosis. They will determine what kind of causes of your swollen eyelids are and prescribe the right remedy to the disease of different causes. In the case of eye allergies, doctors usually prescribe Benadryl, either in the form of tablets or of a topical ointment. Aside from Benadryl, there are also antibiotic ointments that are applied directly on the outer part of the eyelids in order to reduce the swelling. Should disease escalate, antibiotic eye drops containing steroids are to be adopted to relieve eyes of the piercing pain.

If the case of conjunctivitis isn’t that serious, you may opt for home remedies. Apply the frozen and sliced cucumber or potato to the swollen eyelids for approximately 20 minutes on a daily basis-the most effective remedy. Washing eyes with cold water also helps. Refrigerated witch hazel proves another conductive substance for swollen eyelids.