Guide to Contact Lenses

Prescription and non-prescription colored contact lenses

Halloween is a festival that provides a large amount of individuals with a good opportunity to have unusual appearance. Trying to get an extraordinary look involves a lot of methods. Colored contact lenses are among the most effective ones. Wearing colored contacts is easy to express in a different way.

Color contact lenses for eye color change

Color contact lenses are quite special among all contact lenses styles. People wearing color contact lenses can express something different. In some cases, color contact lenses may scare old ladies because there is possibly a profound change in eye color. Some people are excited of getting an eye color change through simply wearing color contact lenses.

Three types of colored contact lenses

Colored contact lenses are available in toric, bifocal and disposable types. Actually, colored contacts use three types of tints: visibility tint, enhancement tint and color tint. Light blue or green visibility tints are used to make contacts more apparent while you putting them on or removing them off. Unlike a visibility tint, an enhancement tint intensifies your eye color slightly using darker colors.