Guide to Eye Exams and Vision Screening

Eye exams are crucial for the health of eyes

Regular comprehensive eye exams are crucial for both adults and children to maintain eye health. An eye exam can help adults not only formulate and update their eyewear prescription, but also search for any sign of common eye diseases. For children, eye exams are even more important since vision is so closely related to their study. If they have poor vision or image interpretation, they are most likely to have a poor performance in their study. Parents should take children to a related professional doctor for an eye examination as soon as they get a reading or learning difficulty, in order to find out the potential vision root.

Eye exam intervals and preparation

Eye health and good eyesight are important for human beings. But a worrying fact is that visual refractive errors, ocular disorders and even eye diseases are on the rise in recent years.

What a thorough eye test will cover

A comprehensive eye exam contains several tests, from simple eye chart reading to tiny structure visualization. Some factors play a role in deciding the exam time, such as caseload and test complexity.

Retinoscopy is always used to get an approximation of your prescription. You will be required to fixate on a large target and receive a light shined by the doctor. By changing lenses in front of your eyes and interpret the light reflects from your eyes, the doctor can work out the general prescription of your eyes.

Examining items about children’s eyes

Children always need basic visual skills for good learning, such as near vision, distance vision, binocular coordination, eye movement skills, focusing skills, peripheral skills and eye coordination. It is estimated that 5% of pre-schoolers and 25% of school-aged children suffer from various vision problems. The American Optometric Association recommends that children should receive comprehensive eye exams at six months of age, three years of age and six years of age. After they entering school, eye exams should be taken every two years for any vision problems and needs for eyewear. Early detection and treatment of vision problems are crucial for children.