Guide to All the other information of vision care

Various defined contribution plans

As the cost of eye care and vision care can be a considerable expense, it may lead to unexpected consequences to your family budget, especially for large family. To solve this problem, you can choose defined contribution health plans which could lower your cost of vision care.

Vision services from Medicaid

Medicaid coverage, a kind of health insurance which is funded by the federal government and managed by states, pays for health needs. The target groups of Medicaid include U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and people who have high medical bill, low incomes and few personal resources.

Health insurance and eye traits exploration

Health insurance coverage is critical for ordinary people in receiving health care including eye care. From 1997 to 2005, the National Health Interview Survey has gotten responses from 290,000 adults about eye care use rates. The survey reveals that the majority of people without health care coverage do not resort to regular eye care even if there are obvious visual problems. The longer time without health insurance, the lower rate of eye care utilization. In addition, low education and male gender also play a role.