Guide to Kid's Vision

The visual development of infants

Visual system is widely known to enable organisms to process visual details. Through this part of the central nervous system, people can get a representation of the surrounding world.

Vision problems about infants and children

Statistics show that premature infants are more susceptible to organ damages including the eyes. The sight-threatening eye disease retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) occurs in one third of premature infants. Good news is that there is now a new method in detecting this disease. Researchers in Sweden have developed a model named WINROP, which is used to measure infants’ weight and analyze their IGF-1 levels in blood. IGF-1 is linked to both ROP and infant weight gain. The model has been reported to determine an infant’s risk of ROP by tracing its weight gain process. This determination can be achieved at a time earlier than an assessment from an ophthalmologist and certain eye exams can also be eliminated.