Guide to Eye Diseases

Few cataract complications and their treatments

A posterior capsule opacity (PCO) is the most common among those few cataract surgery complications, including eye inflammation, infections and a dislocated IOL. The reason for a PCO comes from the lens capsule, which will be maintained during a surgery.

The selection of cataract surgeons

Most cataract surgeons can deal with common types of cataracts, such as removing clouded lens and replacing a standard IOL. What the patient should pay attention to are the types of IOLs and their costs.

Traditional and new intraocular lenses

Artificial intraocular lenses (IOL) was firstly approved by FDA in 1981, before which patients had to wear thick eyeglasses or particular contact lenses in order to offset the focus distortion brought by cataracts removal. But now, most surgeons are concerning about the surgical technique and lenses design of the various IOLs, such as premium IOL, toric IOL and so on.