Guide to Vision Surgery

Surgical presbyopia solutions

Presbyopia is an eye problem that is very common in people above 40. While most doctors consider stiffening of the lens as the cause of presbyopia, some others believe other reasons such as continued growth of the lens and atrophy of lens muscles.

Separate and combined solutions to presbyopia

People with presbyopia from their middle ages may experience vision difficulty in certain distances. A single pair of eyeglasses may be no longer enough to provide satisfying vision correction. Separate solutions to presbyopic people include multifocal eyeglasses or contact lenses, presbyopia surgery, and intraocular lenses implantation. However, a combination of certain of these solutions is also feasible.

Various surgical solutions for presbyopia

Presbyopia is an unavoidable vision problem that bothers people above 40. Some eye doctors think that presbyopia is caused by the stiffening of the lens, while others suspect lens’ continued growth or related muscle atrophy.