Guide to Kid's Vision

Eyeglass frame selection for teens

Picking out the right eyeglass frames for teens is not so easy because every one has his own face shape and taste. Before choosing eyeglass frames, you should have a clear knowledge of your face shape, features, coloring and personal mood.

Contact lenses for teens

Many teens prefer contact lenses to eyeglasses primarily for appearance reasons. They think that they look much better with contact lenses and self-esteem can be established. Another very important reason is the convenience brought by contact lenses. Wearing contact lenses during sports can give teens clearer peripheral vision without worry about the breakage of eyeglasses. Of course, a contact lens may be dislodged or lost, but replacing a contact lens is much cheaper than replacing a pair of glasses. And children spending much more time playing outdoors than adult are vulnerable to harmful UV rays. It is very convenient if they choose contact lenses because they only need to carry a pair of sunglasses. Contacts lenses can also correct astigmatism.