Guide to Contact Lenses

Some Useful Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

I. The Significance of Wearing Contact Lenses
If you feel bored with and tired of wearing heavy, clumsy and not-good-looking eyeglasses, you can resort to contact lenses for a relief and even enjoyment. As a perfect option, contact lenses not only offer you a cozy wearing experience but also give you an opportunity to look fashionable [...]

Can you swim with contact lenses?

Wearing contact lenses in the water? Yes or no?
You may take a crack at wearing contact lenses while swimming, which is; however, very harmful to your eyes I have to say. The most risky body of water is lakes and rivers where a micro-organization named acanthamoeba could easily attach to your lenses. And if so, [...]

Potential risks of wearing contact lenses

GP lenses have a disadvantage that they may cause eye irritation, after a gust of wind containing dust and other airborne materials. In fact, GP lenses are smaller than the cornea and float on the tears. In contrast, soft lenses cover more part of the cornea and are less likely to cause this problem. Some contact wearers need a plunger to remove their lenses, although the most convenient way is to use fingers.

Silicone hydrogel contacts for up to 30 consecutive days

Conventional hydrogel soft contact lenses can transmit only a limited amount of oxygen to the eyes so that their extended wearing period is also limited to only seven days. The invention of silicone hydrogel contacts changes this situation forever. Its material silicone lets six to seven times more oxygen to reach the eyes and the continuous wearing period is been extended into 30 days.