Potential risks of wearing contact lenses

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Reason for bloodshot eyes

Some wearers of contact lenses may suffer from bloodshot eyes, which can be caused by a solution allergy, dirty lenses or even an improper type of lenses. Colored contact lenses can be used to enhance or change an eye color for interested people.

Contacts and dry eye

dry eyeSome wearers experience dry eye for a long period so that they want to get alleviation from contact lenses that contain higher water content. But most doctors suggest that the best way is to solve dry eye itself.

Contact lenses and eye irritation

GP lenses have a disadvantage that they may cause eye irritation, after a gust of wind containing dust and other airborne materials. In fact, GP lenses are smaller than the cornea and float on the tears. In contrast, soft lenses cover more part of the cornea and are less likely to cause this problem. GP lenses always require more time for lens adaption because they cause curvature changes on the cornea.

Contact lenses fit closer to the eyes

In general, lens prescriptions are lower than eyeglass prescriptions because lenses sit just in front of the eye. With the closer lenses, less light re-focus is needed. According to this fact, contact lens users are highly encouraged to visit an eye doctor when they notice a change in their prescriptions. Only the doctor can determine the exact prescription and prescribe new contact lenses.

Never share contact lenses with others

Sharing contact lenses with friends was once a common practice, especially among teenagers. This kidding way may transfer bacteria to others and cause an eye infection or even more serious problems. Parents should warn their kids against this mistake and take them to an eye doctor so as to learn about detailed dangers.

Do not mix different colored contact lenses

Potential risks of wearing contact lensesContacts wearers should never change the lens color by themselves using food coloring or some other dyes. Unsatisfied with the lens color, they can go back to the practitioner and get or buy a new pair. Even if colored contact lenses are for entertainment or aesthetical enjoyment, they are also medical devices and do not allow random use.

Avoid heat for lens disinfection

Heat is not recommended for lens disinfection. Doctors always prescribe a peroxide-based system or Purilens system for proper disinfection. These products are more effective and safe than heat.

Additional goggles in a swimming pool

In a swimming pool, contact lens wearers should also wear protective goggles so as to prevent eye problems including eye pain and vision damage caused by nasty bugs in the pool or hot tube.

A plunger may help for lens removal

Some contact wearers need a plunger to remove their lenses, although the most convenient way is to use fingers. Take good care of the lenses and the eyes while using a plunger.