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Variations of computer eyeglasses for CVS

Computer focus has unique visual demands that are unlike with other activities, so that a prolonged computer use may bring eyestrain and fatigue more easily. Some of the people under 40 can not remain accurately focused on the computer screen for a long period, or get tired from the frequent switch between the screen and the keyboard. Presbyopia on people above 40 may also cause CVS symptoms such as blurry vision and headache.

Computer glasses selections

Another reason for blurred vision and eyestrain at the computer is binocular dysfunction, in which condition a prism power may be added to your glasses.

Children’s CVS and care

CVS refers to computer vision syndrome. Most children played outside twenty years ago, which has been profoundly changed by the invention and spread of computer. It is estimated that 90% of school-age children and 54 million children use computer to do homework, talk online with friends and play games at an average of one to three hours everyday.