Computer glasses selections

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Many people get their eyes regularly strained and depressed when they use a computer for a long time. This is actually a common phenomenon across the world. A common reason is that computer users just wear their regular prescription glasses which are supposed to correct nearsightedness. In fact, eyewear used during computer work should be made with a special purpose lens design. The right device is called computer glasses, which are not suitable for driving or general purpose wear.

People with binocular dysfunction need computer glasses with prism power

Quality computer glasses can help most PC users avoid those common CVS symptoms like eye strain, stress, pain and even headache. Comfortable vision in front of the computer screen is available with the help from such a pair. However, a small portion of computer glasses users still suffer from blurry vision and eye strain once they sitting before the computer. Well, another possible reason for this condition is binocular dysfunction, in which condition a prism power may be added to your glasses. Today, computer glasses with or without a prism power are widely available.

Where and how to choose computer glasses?

Customers can purchase computer glasses either from office supply stores or from ECPs. Off-the-rack computer glasses always have single-vision lenses for computer use only, so that they are usually inexpensive. These glasses are the good choice for people who can tolerate distance vision and near vision blurriness. While shopping for single-vision computer glasses from stores, you can read materials from 20 to 26 inches away for power determination.

Some customized designs of computer eyewear

Occupational progressive computer glasses, trifocals and bifocals provide all zones of clear vision, which can only be prescribed by eye doctors to suit your personal needs. You should tell the doctor your computer vision requirement, and then your glasses will be designed with large enough intermediate zone. Another convenient way is to use clip-ons with computer prescription, which are available from both retailers and ECPs. Computer glasses you get should both provide good computer vision and eliminate CVS symptoms.