Guide to Eye Diseases

Treatments of eye floaters

Eye floaters are to some extent common in modern times. And there are already different treatments for this disturbing eye problem. Dry eye and psychological training are two of the possible treatments suggested online.

Causes and risks of eye floaters

Some people may experience small specks or clouds that are removing around the visual field and may be confused by these strange objects. Actually they are formally called floaters or eye floaters.

Symptoms and causes of eye floaters

While staring at a plain background such as a blank wall or blue sky, you may see small specks or clouds that are floating in your vision field. Other shapes of these eye floaters can be strands and webs. Actually, these floaters are not objects in the air. They are tiny gel clumps or cells inside the vitreous that fills the inside of your eye, or exactly, the shadows of these floaters on the retina.