Treatments of eye floaters

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To some extent, noticing floaters in the eye or eyes is a common visual experience in modern times. In most cases, eye floaters do not attract serious attention because everyone experiences them from time to time and no ill effects will be caused. In particular, eye floaters are the exact result while looking directly at a light background. They occur within the eyeball’s vitreous fluid and can not be removed simply by rubbing the front eye. Of course, lasting floaters in the eye are disturbing and bothersome, which requires for necessary treatment. Dry eye relief and psychological training are two of the possible treatments that are widely suggested online.

Relieving dry eye is not an effective treatment

It is widely known that dry eye is caused by the excessive evaporation in the eye or a result of dehydration. In fact, ninety percent of the vitreous body is filled with water, so that a water imbalance can be quite harmful. In serious cases, dry eye can negatively affect one’s eyesight. But some experts argue that dry eye has little impact on the visualization of eye floaters. In other words, they think that dry eye is not directly related to the appearance of eye floaters. In this case, relieving dry eye is not an effective way to treat eye floaters. Similarly, consumption of vitamins omega 3 and omega 6 can not effectively ease eye floaters, although they are usually referred to as a good method to improve general body health.

Mental training helps ignore the eye floaters

Some people suggest on the Internet that regular mental training can help patients notice eye floaters at a lower frequency. But in the opinion of some eye experts, this therapy never solves the anatomical cause of eye floaters. Psychological training only guides patients to ignore their eye floaters. And in some people, this way can be helpful.

Floaters will be ignored by the brain automatically

In fact, this ignorance will be taken place naturally by the brain after a period. Taking posterior vitreous detachment (PVD) as an example, patients with this eye disease will typically notice eye floaters and light flashes. Experiencing floaters in the eye is a common symptom of this disease. Yet most PVD victims will excitingly notice that these floaters disappear by their own as the time passes by. Well, this is an automatic adaption made by the brain, rather than the real dissolving of the floaters.

An explanation of the visual system and its link with mental training

Sight is exactly a combination of anatomy and personal perception. Mental training just performs in changing personal perception of eye floaters. The light first stimulates the retina and then it will be conversed into electrical energy, all of which are anatomy. Personal light perception occurs when the electrical energy is routed through the brain to the brain center. With this knowledge, mental training is actually associated with the training of the brain, which will be accustomed to ignoring eye floaters.

The way of psychological training in treating eye floaters has been accepted by some patients, although eye floaters are present in fact. But for most people, they want to remove these floaters entirely through a non-invasive treatment.