Guide to Eye Diseases

Sources of Eye injury and prevention

A majority of eye injuries can be avoided by precautions and protective eyewear. According to particular requirements, there are various types of safety glasses. For instance, people with eye problems such as myopia or hyperopia may need prescription goggles and a lawn mower operator need protective wear with snug, wrap-style frame to prevent small, airborne particles from adhering to the lenses.

Potential risks of eye injuries

The Prevent Blindness America (PBA) has ever pointed out that over 850,000 Americans suffer from various eye injuries every year, during home and work activities or outdoor sports. These accidents always lead to a lifelong regret. It is reasonable because the injured person can see perfectly well before the accident but his or her vision may be partially or even profoundly lost. Driving and reading may become impossible, not to say potential ugly appearance.

A guide to various eye injuries

Eye is one of the most important organs for every individual so that protecting your eyes from injuries is quite necessary. There are some ways to offer eye protection such as safety goggles or glasses. However, eye injuries still happen quite often. This article is a guide to common eye injuries.