A guide to various eye injuries

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Eye is one of the most important organs for every individual, so that protecting the eyes from injuries is quite necessary. There are some ways to offer eye protection, e.g. using safety goggles or glasses. However, eye injuries still happen quite often. This article serves partially as a guide to common eye injuries and related simple treatments for them.

Risk factors for scratched eye

Poke in the eye and eye rubbing in the presence of a foreign body may lead to corneal abrasions (scratched eye). It is necessary to see an eye doctor immediately once there is an eye scratch and severe light sensitivity. In detail, the scratched eye should be kept closed and eye rubbing must be strictly avoided on the way to the doctor’s office. Some sources such as a baby’s fingernails and tree branches can bring infection to the scratched eyes, leading to serious harm within as few as 24 hours. Scratched eyes are always fragile and susceptible to infections.

Foreign object penetration

Another type of dangers comes from penetration of foreign objects in the eye. Foreign bodies such as metal or a fish hook may penetrate the eye accidentally, which requires an immediate visit to an urgent care center. The object should be removed by an eye doctor to prevent potential rust ring and a significant scar. Never rub or wipe off foreign bodies with a tissue, a Q-Tip or anything else.

Splashed eye by harmful substances and related treatments

Splashed or sprayed eye by certain substances can be scary, even though not all substances will cause serious injury. Acids in chemicals only cause eye burning and redness, which can be washed out easily. If the eyes are splashed by alkali substances such as oven cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners and even chalk dust, the consequence can be more serious, even though no eye symptom appears immediately. Any kind of chemical exposure requires the sufferer to wash out the eye immediately with great amount of water. Of course, the eyelids should be kept open during the irrigation process.

If the condition is not so serious, it is ok to wash the sprayed eye using warm tap water for about 15 minutes or get a detailed instruction from an eye doctor before rinsing. For a severe condition, it is a must to visit an eye doctor or an emergency room after a quick rinsing. Consequences of chemical exposures vary from minor irritation to severe eye damage and even blindness.

Eye swelling or blackness by a direct hit

People struck by a speedy object on the eye such as a baseball may develop eye swelling and eye blackness. An ice pack is usually used as an immediate treatment. Other dangerous sources that may cause struck eye include basketball, football and racquetball. Using protective goggles during active sports is a necessary thing.

Eye bleeding and traumatic iris

Also named as eye bleeding, a subconjunctival hemorrhage always looks very serious. Actually quite common, this kind of eye injury starts at a small part of the eye and extends over the entire eye. In most cases, it requires no treatment and causes no vision damage. It is only necessary to avoid further trauma to the eye, e.g. rubbing. Traumatic iritis may be caused by a poke in the eye or a blunt blow to the eye by a hand or a ball, which needs medical treatment. In order to overcome light sensitivity caused by this condition, it is necessary to wear sunglasses.

How to treat different types of eye injuries

Based on the severity of an eye injury, there are different treatments, e.g. simple eye flushing with water or saline solution and even a surgery. Knowing some home treatments for eye injuries is very helpful. Encountering any kind of eye injury listed above, it is a necessity to ask an eye care practitioner for help or advice. In case of any emergency, it is highly encouraged to keep an eye doctor’s emergency contact numbers.