Guide to Eyeglasses

Information about Glasses Maintenance

Investment on a pair of eyeglasses, especially an expensive one, does not limit itself to the moment you purchase them. More than that, you have to employ it with caution and maintain them in good shape, because in so doing it will save you a lot of money as well as efforts to buy another [...]

What one must know of eyeglasses

People with presbyopia are supposed to buy reading glasses from eye doctors, rather than simply pick up one pair from drugstores. On one hand, those one-size-fit-all reading glasses are problematic for people with different prescriptions in two eyes, resulting in side effects such as headache. On the other hand, regular eye exams from eye doctors can detect underlying vision problems as early as possible.

A comprehensive introduction of eyewear

Along with their popularity, eyeglasses are still under restless innovations. This writing describes comprehensively about aspects of eyeglasses: frames materials, frame styles, lenses, sunglasses and so on.