What one must know of eyeglasses

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People with presbyopia are supposed to buy reading glasses from eye doctors, rather than simply pick up one pair from a drugstore. On one hand, those one-size-fit-all reading glasses are problematic for people with different prescription in two eyes, resulting in side effects such as headache. Buying readers from an eye care practitioner will rarely cause such a problem because the glasses are prescribed according to a patient’s specific vision conditions. Those reading glasses are formally called custom-made readers. On the other hand, regular eye exams from eye doctors can detect underlying vision problems as early as possible. This kind of potential discovery means more than presbyopia correction.

Warning signs of children’s vision problems

There are many warning signs in children that may indicate the need for eyeglasses, including close TV watching or book reading, squinting, frequent eye rubbing, light sensitivity, excessive tearing, complaining eyes fatigue and poor performance in school. Polycarbonate lenses are most usually recommended for children. Parents who discover any of these conditions in their children should arrange an eye doctor’s visit as early as possible. Without getting early treatment or correction, a typical vision problem of young eyes will develop rapidly.

Take a proper frame

While choosing eyeglass frames, the face shape, color of skin, eye and hair all should be taken into consideration. These different personal features require different considerations in terms of frame shape and frame color. And related criteria should be followed. Photochromic lenses can change its color in different light conditions. These lenses become darker once exposed to UV light. Nowadays, most eyewear lines provide one or two frames in relatively larger sizes. Some typical brands are Chesterfield XL frames for men from Safilo, Prada frames from Luxottica and Silhouette frames.

How to prolong eyewear life span

There are some tips that can help wearers prolong their eyeglasses lives. Trendy frames in some cases should be avoided because they become out-of-date quickly. New lenses put in old frames can save much money, especially for children whose prescriptions change more frequently. Spring hinge styles can better protect eyeglasses from breaking. Scratch-resistant coating is effective for lens protection.

Glasses help computer reading

Regular computer users may feel uncomfortable with bifocal eyeglasses or reading glasses. In fact, computer screen reading requires the intermediate vision, which can be provided by computer glasses, progressive lenses or trifocals. The latter two types both have an intermediate section for dedicated computer reading, which is unavailable from bifocals and traditional reading glasses. In some cases, occupational lenses are needed to provide task-specific vision.

Approaches to UV protection

Not all eyeglass lenses provide proper UV protection, such as some plastic lenses. Those lenses offer UV protection only if they are applied with an UV coating. It is advisable to choose lenses marked with 100% UV protection enabled by such a coating. In fact, UV coating is not the sole approach to UV protection. It is also possible to achieve this significant protection by using a particular lens material named polycarbonate, which has built-in UV protection features.