Guide to Vision Surgery

Common types of eye laser surgeries

Eye laser surgery is an eye surgery aimed to improve vision acuity by a laser reshaping the cornea, which is the outer clear round structure that covers the colored part of the eye. Eye laser surgery is a popular alternative for correcting eye sight problems, besides spectacles or contact lenses.

How much should One Pay for Laser Surgery?

As it name indicates, laser eye surgery is an operation, in which laser beam is employed for treatment. If one suffers from myopia, his cornea becomes very high. Then, the laser can cut some parts of the eye tissues, making the cornea flat and even. On the contrary, people who suffer from farsightedness usually have too flat cornea. As for this, laser can be used to extract some other tissues onto it. As for astigmatism, the laser can be used to flatten the uneven tissues around the cornea.