How much should One Pay for Laser Surgery?

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As it name indicates, laser eye surgery is an operation, in which laser beam is employed for treatment. If one suffers from myopia, his cornea becomes very high. Then, the laser can cut some parts of the eye tissues, making the cornea flat and even. On the contrary, people who suffer from farsightedness usually have too flat cornea. As for this, laser can be used to extract some other tissues onto it. As for astigmatism, the laser can be used to flatten the uneven tissues around the cornea.

How is the Surgery Operated?

The surgery is not really controlled by hands, but a computer. Before the surgery, the doctors will drop some liquids into the patients’. Such drops will let the patients not suffer from pains or any infections. Generally, the laser device is placed in a special room, where the surgeries are operated. Something will be used to make the eyelids not stick together, so as to assure the laser can work in larger space. Before the operation starts, the patients are required to look at a laser microscope which is above the operating bed. The doctors will ask whether the patients can see some green or red winking lights. After that, the surgery begins with a special noise of opening the equipment. All the information of the patients has been input into the operating computer, which will work automatically. All items will be rechecked before the operation is completed. Still more, after that, some of the cut pieces will be cleaned out.

How much should One Afford for such a Surgery?

By and large, the expense that one has to pay for such surgery depends greatly on the location, where one gets the surgeon. For example, the average cost in Orange County is about $2000 or so for each eye. People are suggested to choose some qualified doctors. Cheap surgeon, in most cases, means bad quality and serious complications.

Some Plans of Financing for the Patients

In order to assure that more patients can afford the operation cost, some financing plans are now prompted. There are two alternatives for them, say, the in-house plan or outside plan, both of which are undertaken by the eye doctors. Sometimes, the physical conditions of the patients can also influence their cost on the surgeries. People used to use credit cards as their major financing channel. For example, Care Credit is a special financing company that provides special services for patients of these surgeries. And if people want to pay in cash, they may enjoy discount to some extent.