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Eye yoga for wonderful eyesight

Yoga is a traditional physical and mental disciplines originated from India. Nowadays, it becomes a natural approach to help the body to stay at peace and it is very popular all around world. In fact, the soul of yoga is helpful for the eye protection, too. When we read to learn something by heart for a long time, we may feel tired and strained. Stress is considered as the reason for the poor eyesight. Therefore, it is especially important to release the strain and eye yoga is exactly the exercise to perfectly eye relaxation.

Be careful of vision-improving eye exercise programs

Customers should be wary of eye exercise programs such as the widespread See Clearly Method, who claimed that they can eliminate or reduce your need for eyewear. Because of these invalidated claims, all sales of See Clearly Method kits were prohibited and the company was punished to pay $200,000 as a compensation to consumers who had bought the kits. The recently published Power Vision Program by American Vision Institute is another eye exercise program that indicates natural vision improvement. Actually, researches have showed that these simple exercises can not help you throw away your glasses for vision errors such as myopia.