Eye yoga for wonderful eyesight

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Yoga is a traditional physical and mental disciplines originating from India. Nowadays, it becomes a natural method to help the body stay at peace and it is very popular all around world. In fact, the soul of yoga is helpful for eye protection too. When we read to learn something by heart for a long time, we may feel tired and strained. Stress is considered as a major reason for poor eyesight. Therefore, it is especially important to release the strain and eye yoga is exactly the exercise to achieve perfect eye relaxation.

The principle of eye yoga

The ability to see clearly is acquired by learning after birth. So it is also possible to regain good vision via some training. The muscles surrounding the eyes should be elastic and animated to enable the eyesight in good condition. So the first eye yoga is to move your eyes for training. Eye yoga differs from traditional eye exercises slightly. But they have something in common that eye muscles are the same target. In terms of details steps or eye movements, eye yoga is more complicated than most types of regular eye exercise. Since both eye yoga and exercises are supposed to relax tense eye muscles, it is first necessary to introduce different eye muscles.

Extra ocular muscles and internal eye muscles and their functions

There are two types of muscles around human eyes. One is the extra ocular muscles, which help the eyes move around. When being used excessively, the muscles get tight and stiff easily. So massage is recommended to loose the stress of the extra ocular muscles. You can also train this kind of muscles by moving your eyes up and down, right and left repeatedly without moving the head. The other type is the internal eye muscles, which help the eyes focus objects according to different distances by altering the eye shape. When looking at the close focus for a period of time, your internal muscles also get tight like the extra ocular ones.

Complicated eye yoga for thorough relaxation

A standard and simple eye exercise can be used to train these eye muscles. Firstly, use your fingertips to massage the eyes gently for eye strain releasing. Secondly, move your eyes up and down, right and left several times to activate the eye muscles with your head moving at the same time. Thirdly, use your thumb to draw a circle in the air about arms length far away in front of you, and then force your eyes to follow the tip of the thumb timely without moving your head to re-activate the eye muscles. At last, transfer your eye vision from far to near, and near to far objects for several jumps until you can shift quickly and focus clearly on the far and near objects.

A conclusion

To see clearly is a skill that everyone can get by frequent training. So if you would like to enjoy the vivid world without the help of eyeglasses, please practice the above eye yoga once a day in your remaining life. Traditional eye exercises are believed to relieve long-term eye strain and stress. Some eye care practitioners even trust their effectiveness in improving eyesight naturally. Eye yoga actually contains several types of eye exercises and is expected to provide more comprehensive effects.