An Overview of Black Eye Symptoms

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An overview of black eye

Black eye, also known as bruised eye, will assault us when we get hurt in the face or the head and blood and fluids collect in the space around the eye. Black eye is named because of its related symptom of swelling and dark discoloration. To point out, that we get black eye does not means our eyes themselves are injured but, instead, that the tissues around the eye are seriously discolored and swollen. We should know that most of the black eyes are not that serious and they can heal on their own in a short time. But we should not take them for granted in that they may indicate some quite serious problems.

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Symptoms and causes of black eye

The most common symptoms of black eye are considered as pain and swelling. They can develop from mild ones into serious ones, a dark shade and discoloration. If the initial black eye becomes worse, we can suffer from heavy and persistent headache, double vision, loss of sight or inability to move the eye.

Causes of black eye can range from lots of factors among which the most common one is blows to the eye or nose. When the nose is attacked, both of the two eyes will swell due to the fluid’s collecting in the loose tissues of the eyelids. When we have face surgeries such as facelift and nose surgery we can also get black eye. And the so-called basilar skull fracture is all the same a big treat to black eye. Still there are many other causes of black eye, allergic reactions, cellutis, angioedema, dental infections, etc..

Diagnoses and treatments of black eyes

As to the diagnoses of black eye, basic physical examination and other extra tests are all required. For instance, the eye doctor may utilize a dye to have a look at the eye under a special light. And if necessary, we can turn to an eye specialist to for follow-up treatment.

Black eye can be treated both at home and in the hospital. In the initial period of black eye, we can just use ice to decrease the swelling. Ice is helpful to decrease fluid accumulation and constructing blood vessels. When we are hurt in the eye, try not to be hurt again by some protective measures. The most important thing is to get enough rest until it recovers.

If the symptoms do not change for the better, medical treatment is essential. If the black eye is not so complicated, we can go to the doctor and get some pain medications to alleviate the pain. But in the most occasions aspirin is not recommended unless the doctor asks us to take.

We must undergo more professional treatments in the condition that the injuries and black eye are rather complicated. We might have a neurosurgeon in the case that we get injuries to the skull or the brain. And the treatment of an ophthalmologist is a must if the eye itself gets hurt. If the black eye is the result of fractures to the face, an otorhinolaryngologist can offer a lot of help.

In conclusion, black eye is a kind of eye disease in the consequence of many an injury in the face. What we can do to stop black eye is make sufficient prevention work and then get specific treatment.