Newly invented TruFocals for presbyopic patients

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There is a recently created solution to presbyopia which is common in people over 40. As usually known, binoculars have the ability to focus the lenses as the wearers need. Now a new type of eyeglasses has also incorporated this focus adjustment feature with the brand name of TruFocals.

Before the invention of TruFocals, there are already various solutions to presbyopic individuals, such as reading glasses, bifocal lenses, trifocal lenses and progressive lenses. All of these solutions have their own advantages and drawbacks. Separate reading glasses can provide satisfying close vision in most cases. But when presbyopic people need distance vision, reading glasses appear to be blurry, so that they also need regular prescription glasses for nearsightedness correction.  In addition, regular switches between reading glasses and distance glasses are very inconvenient.

Multifocal lenses are claimed to offer exciting vision at several distances or a full range. However, these lenses are also not perfect. They may cause visual distortion and can only offer limited areas of focus. A multifocal lens just can not provide good vision at certain distance as widely as a single-vision lens with that specific prescription. Furthermore, wearers of multifocal lenses are forced to move their heads or eyes to get appropriate focus at different distances.

TruFocals offer another profoundly different solution to offering good vision at a full distance range. These newly designed eyeglasses are equipped with a slider on the bridge of the frame, which can be adjusted or moved from one side to the other. In this way, different focus needs can be achieved, including near, intermediate and far vision. Through this simple slider adjustment, a single pair of TruFocals eyeglasses can provide clear vision according to personal prescriptions. What’s more, people can get a “new” pair of glasses through this adjustment once their prescriptions experience slight changes. TruFocals also provide contrast-enhancing lenses and glare-reducing tinted lenses.

The invention of TruFocals eyeglasses is quite unique. TruFocals consist of an outer hard lens with the wearer’s current prescription and an inner flexible lens which is filled with fluid. Slider adjustment actually pushes the fluid in order to change the shape of the inner flexible lens, resulting power changes.