Online videos explaining dry eye

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Currently, there are some explanatory videos over the Internet recorded by a British ophthalmologist named Mr. Teifi James. The short videos provided by him explain the most common and bewildering condition and symptoms of dry eye, which is bothering a large group of people. A normal eye has regular flow of tears which provide constant moisture and lubrication. Dry eye is just the condition when there is inadequate lubrication in the eye and possible consequences of this problem contain pain, light sensitivity, a gritty sensation, itching, redness etc.

Each video lasts one or two minutes for easy understanding

Teifi James has recorded these explanatory videos in a special way. In order to enable watchers who are unfamiliar with medical terminology of dry eye to understand the video content easily, every video is tightly edited to run for only one or two minutes. In this way, people watching these videos can easily understand the information. Dry eye is not a complex ocular condition and it is easy to explain its reason and related symptoms.

The videos introduce details of dry eye treatments

In addition, all videos can be replayed at any time a person wants. These videos explain some detailed courses of action that can be followed to ease dry eye. This is helpful for many people. Artificial tear drops and ointments are the most popular treatment recommended by eye doctors. This treatment tries to provide directly moisture to the eye. Most artificial teardrops can be bought over the counter. Other treatments contain temporary punctual occlusion, permanent punctual occlusion, Restasis, topical steroids etc.

Tips of care introduced in the videos

Dry eye suffers are often told by an eye doctor that they have to endure the symptoms and discomfort of dry eye. These online videos provided by Teifi James help people with dry eye reduce such hopelessness resulting from the condition. These people can learn ways of self help, which are good supplements to professional medical or optometric care from eye doctors. Tips described in these videos help dry eye suffers get more information in order to empower themselves to receive appropriate and committed care. In general, medical or optometric practitioners can only provide services in a few minutes, which are inadequate.

The review page offers extra help

There is also a review page, which helps watchers understand the sequencing of video tutorials. With this help, people can make a proper selection of which one to pursue. Generally, reviews from experienced ophthalmologists are extremely welcome. In addition, reviews on the page can guide individuals into other websites which publish the detailed information.