Solutions to refractive errors

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People with weak eyes may suffer blurry vision in daily lives and most of them ask prescription eyeglasses for help. Actually there are three major solutions to visual refractive errors, namely eye glasses, contact lenses and refractive surgery. Prescription eyeglasses are definitely the most historic solution, while laser eye surgeries have gained popularity only in the past two decades. Generally speaking, each of the three treatments has their own pros and cons. Which one to choose depends on personal visual condition and preference.

Four common vision problems that cause poor eyesight

Among ordinary people, blurry vision comes mainly from refractive errors including myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. As another major cause of poor eyesight, presbyopia does not belong to this category. These four conditions are the most common and affect over a half of the world’s population. Among these four vision problems, myopia is widely seen in many youngsters and sometimes brings headaches and eye strain. Myopic children are often forced to squint when seeing objects far away.

Myopia requires early detection and correction

Myopia can be hereditary, so that nearsighted parents should keep a close watch on their children. They should monitor how their kids are doing with the vision. Once there are early signs of vision problems, a schedule of eye exam should be arranged as soon as possible. Early detection and correction of vision problems can help kids control the visual condition.

Corrective lenses can be applied to improve eyesight

With proper treatment from a doctor, myopia progression can be slowed down. In contrast, if visual problems such as myopia is not discovered for a long time and no corrective lenses are applied, the eyesight will deteriorate rapidly. Both eyeglasses and contact lenses can help correct refractive errors in children. In different powers, corrective lenses can effectively refocus the light entering people’s impaired eyes and provide proper focus. This kind of refocusing helps irregular eye balls perceive objects near and far clearly. However, it is worth pointing out that the correction functionality of prescription glasses and contact lenses is just temporary. Things will become blurred once the lenses are removed.

Attractive eyeglass frames and contact lenses eliminate kids’ concern

Except for the visual help brought by prescription eyeglasses, some kids may be very aware of their appearance with eyeglasses. Currently there are a wide variety of eyeglass frame styles that are available from eyewear stores, optometrists and opticians. In addition, some children may dislike eyeglasses. Soft contact lenses are another option for those kids. Equipped with modern technology, contact lenses now are easier to take care of.

Children are not suitable for refractive surgery

A third solution to vision correction is refractive surgery, which corrects vision defects permanently but costs a high much more than Rx eyewear and contact lenses. The most concerning pinot is that laser eye surgeries involve certain risks, like postoperative complications and side effects, which are unaffordable by children’s fragile eyes.