Tips about Eyelid Twitch

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Eye twitch, with the definition of spontaneous spasms of the eyelid’s membranes, has a symptom of repetitive closing and opening of the eyes. And this condition may happen to only the upper or lower eyelid or both of them. In most cases, the person having this condition can clearly feel it.  Cases of eye twitch can be divided into two kinds, including mild eyelid twitch and serious eyelid twitch. Mild eyelid twitch does not require a dedicated treatment since the symptom will always disappear after a certain period ranging from a few seconds to several hours. However, it is unwise to ignore eyelid twitching that lasts a couple of days or even weeks and some measures should be taken to prevent its deterioration.

Causes of eyelid twitch

The reasons for eyelid spasm vary greatly from one person to another. For some people, eyelid spasm is caused by excessive intake of caffeine and lots of pressure and fatigue. Eye strain can also be caused by lots of computer use, hours of small focused hand work, or daylong book reading without proper lighting. Other possible causes include short-term stress, exhaustion, lack of sleep, squinting a lot and so forth. Searching out the exact reason is the first step of a proper treatment.

Psychotherapist’s help is necessary for emotion-caused eyelid spasm

In fact, not all problems of eyelid twitch are caused by bad habits. They may be caused by human emotions, such as nervousness and anxiety. In this case, psychotherapist may be a great help for the patients. They are able to find the source of eyelid twitch by asking the patients only a few questions and can help them keep quiet and relaxed.

A cold compress can alleviate eyelid spasm

It is said that a warm piece of cloth applied over the muscles of the body can attract the blood to this place, while a cold piece of cloth over the muscles will draw blood away from this place. Based on this practical experience, the problem of mild eyelid twitch may be resolved by this means. In detail, it is possible to alleviate the symptom of eyelid twitch by placing a piece of cool and clean cloth over the eyelid for about thirty minutes. It is effective to reduce the spasm or twitching of eyelid because this method can attract blood away from eyelid and thus avoid too much assembling of blood at this place.

Eye twitching can be cured by some medications

Except for using a cold compress, it is also possible to take certain medications for relief. For instance, antihistamines can be gotten very easily at a local pharmacy store. This medication is effective in easing the spasm of eyelid. Antihistamines are good drugs in curing sneezing, runny nose and itchy eyes. Remember not to take drugs like ketoconazole, itraconazole and erythromycin at the same time, for the mixture of these drugs may cause unwanted side effects. So it is recommended to follow the doctor’s instructions to make sure that right drugs are used to cure eyelid twitch.

Eyelid spasm needs enough attention

Many people may consider eyelid twitch as a common phenomenon and do not pay enough attention to its treatment. Actually, it is an expression a person’s emotion and lifestyle. While slight and temporary eyelid spasm requires no serious concern, persistent twitching deserves adequate attention and a doctor’s help.