Use NAC eye drops to treat cataracts

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As a common eye disease, cataract involves certain damage to the eye’s natural lens, which is mainly comprised of water and protein. Individuals at an old age are very likely to develop a “cloud” over an area of the eye, because some proteins of the lens are clustering together. This is actually cataract, which will grow larger and larger over time. To a certain degree, cataracts are not preventable because the lens continues to age. This has been verified by the fact that most cataract patients are in their 50s, 60s or older. Moreover, while we can not deny the existence of hereditary cataract cases, age-related or aging-caused cataracts account for a majority of the total number.

Possible visual problems caused by cataract

Cataracts in the eye may cause a lot of different visual problems, e.g. blurry vision, unwanted glare, difficulty in driving at night, inability to perceive certain colors and so forth. While wearing contact lenses, cataract patients are easy to suffer eye irritation. They may also have increased trouble with depth perception and visual acuity. In addition, double vision and halo effect may quite probably be caused. As the cataracts enlarge, most of these symptoms or problems will become more serious. This last point is absolutely the most disappointing, because the eyesight will continue to deteriorate as the disease advances. Without early detection and treatment, blindness will be the final consequence.

Cataract surgery is not the only solution

The traditional and effective way to cure cataracts is cataract surgery, during which the clouding lens will be removed and an artificial lens will be implanted as a replacement. This surgical solution has helped millions of patients restore clear vision and avoid blindness. However, there is a new solution now. It is really exciting that NAC eye drops can help in dissolving cataracts and relieving foggy vision without performing any surgery and experiencing related eye pain. The substance N-Acetyl-Carnosine (NAC) included in NAC eye drops is a naturally occurring antioxidant and antiglycation agent. Most patients with cataracts have never heard of this kind of eye drops.

NAC eye drops serve as a non-surgical treatment

However, the conventional surgical treatment can actually be avoided if NAC eye drops are applied. These eye drops allow the effect of absorption into both the aqueous and lipid components of the eye. There are proven some other ophthalmic conditions that can be cured by carnosine-containing eye drops, like corneal diseases, glaucoma and increased intraocular pressure. In fact, some eye doctors now recommend the use of NAC eye drops for cataract treatment, rather than invasive eye surgery. And there are a lot of researches using NAC eye drops.