Various types of double vision and treatments

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Also named as ghost images, double vision can result from either temporary body conditions or various ocular problems. In lingo, this visual condition is formally called diplopia. It is defined as the simultaneous perception of two images of a single object. Moreover, the two images may occur horizontally, vertically or diagonally to each other. Of course, it is an abnormal condition and requires serious consideration. Diplopia has binocular and monocular forms. The first type is a result of the misalignment of the two eyes relative to each other. And the latter form refers to double vision that occurs when viewing with only one eye. Monocular is quite rare. Temporary double vision is always caused by excessive alcohol or extreme body tiredness. This type of double vision will go away soon. But there is also persistent double vision that requires proper diagnosis and treatment.

Brain-related reasons for double vision

Long-lasting and reappearing double vision can be caused by quite a few underlying vision problems. Double vision that is associated with brain can result from a head injury, tumor, and stroke and swelling, all of which are beyond the ability of regular eye doctors so that the patient is always passed to a neurologist. Another reason for double vision related to the brain is cranial nerve palsy, which is caused by head injury, tumor, meningitis, high blood pressure or blockage in an artery. Once the cause is removed, this type of double vision will clear up on its own.

Ocular problem-related reasons for double vision

Another category of reasons that cause ghost vision are related to kinds of eye problems. Severe dry eye that produces poor quality tears can cause double vision, which can be relieved by eye drops, oral medications or lid hygiene techniques. Corneal irregularities such as cone-shaped cornea and corneal dystrophies may cause double vision that is hard to treat. Treatments that are available include special contact lenses, punctal plugs, and even a corneal transplant surgery. Refractive surgeries such as LASIK and PRK may bring irregular corneas so that double vision will be caused. Cataracts behind the pupil cause light to scatter in different directions and create multiple images. A cataract surgery is capable of removing this type of double vision.

Double vision caused by improper coordination of the eyes

Normal single vision requires good coordination of both eyes, which point and focus at the same time correctly and accurately. Otherwise double vision will be caused. A child with strabismus always sees different objects at the same time, so double vision may occur should his or her brain allows it. In fact, most strabismus patients are forced to ignore the information in the weak eye.

Related treatments according to causes

Complete eye exams are helpful to search out the reason for double vision. As described before, double vision results from various reasons, which require specific treatments such as surgery, vision therapy and medications. Among all types, double vision that comes from brain diseases is the most dangerous. This type of double vision always happens suddenly and goes away after a long period, as a result of brain suppression. This type of suppression may mask underlying diseases such as tumor or aneurysm. These conditions require a period of adjustment by using patching, special contact lenses and so on.