Aspects of Double Vision will Shed More Light

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You will be laden with distress and vexation when you can’t focus on an object just because the image you get is doubled and blurry. This is what we call double vision, an eye condition to be taken seriously. You may suffer from a sudden double vision and it disappears very soon. You may also get a double vision which lasts for a long time. For the latter, you should not take it for granted but ask for immediate medical treatment instead. All of us should bear in mind that even a seemingly unimportant symptom of double vision can evolve into a life-or-death threat. Hereinafter the causes, symptoms and treatment of double vision are elaborated.

Causes and treatment for different types of double vision

Sudden and temporary double vision can be caused by many a reason such as alcoholic intoxication and overfatigue. And this kind of double vision of short duration is in general not that serious. But when it comes to the chronic one, things are quite the converse.

I. Double vision caused by cornea problems

Cornea problems or irregularities, keratoconus, corneal dystrophies or related conditions, can be the reason for double vision. This type of double vision is very difficult to deal with and only by wearing special contact lenses and using certain eye drops or plugs. And for some people eye surgeries such as corneal transplant is also helpful to correct their double vision problem.

II. Double vision caused by brain problems

Brain problems related to double vision include stroke, head injuries, brain tumor, brain swelling and brain aneurysm. And double vision caused by these problems is abrupt and sudden. Treatment for double vision caused by brain problems is not that simple yet complex. You are suggested to firstly have your eyes examined by the eye doctor and then go to the neurologist or the neurosurgeon for further testing and treatment.

III. Double vision caused by lens problems

The most typical lens problem leading to double vision may be cataracts. Cataracts can take place in one single eye or both eyes in whichever circumstance we are to suffer from double vision. Good news is that some minor surgery is enough to get it corrected.

IV. Double vision caused by cranial nerve palsies

Cranial nerve palsies can result in paralysis or loss of coordination of one or more muscles that control the position and teaming of the eyes and thus lead to double vision in the eye. It is said that multiple sclerosis, Guillain-Barre syndrome and diabetes are all sources of cranial nerve palsies. That also indicates that in most cases once these causes get cured the cranial nerve palsies will disappear automatically.

V. Double vision caused by refractive surgeries

Normally, in several weeks or months after refractive surgeries such as LASIK or PPK you will get double vision due to the changes of your corneas. Luckily, you can see clearly again when you are accustomed to the corneal changes through using eye drops.

VI. Double eye caused by dye eyes

When your eyes are severely dry, you are for sure to have double vision. You may get dry eyes recovered by applying eye drops, plugs, eye vitamins and so on. But if it goes worse, proper diagnosis and treatment from an eye doctor is necessary.

More Info about double visionOther symptoms

Double vision can happen along with other symptoms apart from double or ghost images. It is found that headache, nausea, droopy eyelids, pain in or around the eyes and weakness of the eyes usually go with double vision. And to get all of these problems removed you’d better try to find the real source of the problem and furthermore the apt and specific ways to solve it.