It is correct visual habit that matters

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Among all individuals who wear prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses, most of them notice vision deterioration fast or slow. In fact, there are still folks who have bad vision and do not use eyeglasses. Some others with a vision problem may choose to wear glasses with a low prescription so that their vision will remain stable more or less. After all, the latter case is not the mainstream. Eye muscles are normally not getting weaker when a person wears corrective eyeglasses. From this view, eye exercises have no direct benefits to the eyes.

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There are different opinions about eye exercises

It is widely known that muscles around the eyes are an important support for proper vision function. Today, a lot of eye exercises are in popular practice by people who want to get visual benefits. Most eye care practitioners only believe the exercises’ effect on eye muscle relaxation. However, there are also experts suggesting that those so-called eye exercises are supposed to strengthen eye muscles. They believe that doing eye exercises will help the eye muscles work normally or even become stronger with the absence of prescription eyeglasses. What is the correct answer?

Visual habit is the decisive factor

According to the research conducted by an American ophthalmologist named William Bates, correct visual habits are the most associated factor of good eyesight. Those popularly recommended eye exercises are actually not the right answer. In general, visual habit is the way we use the eyes. As one of the sensory organs, the eye is designed to be used without effort. Similarly, no one tries to smell or hear. All these functions including seeing are natural. It is may be surprising that the effort to see is thought to be the cause of bad vision. This is comparable to the effort to hear which may cause bad hearing.

Avoid eye strain during daily life and work

What does this mean? The effort to see can be straining the eyes or using them too much everyday. One of the foundations of correct visual habit is not to strain the eyes. In addition, one’s vision always fluctuates. It is a normal case that some people with excellent vision have periods of poorer eyesight, and vice versa. It is unnecessary to try your best to see an obscure object clearly and get the eyes tired. According to Bates’ theory, regular eye strain is the major cause of most vision problems.

Take focus shifts and maintain central fixation

Another important aspect of correct visual habit is periodic shifting. In detail, it is helpful to shift the eye’s focus from time to time during concentrative work. Never stare at one point for a long time. Staring or stationary focus will probably lead to eye muscle ossification in the long run. The third requirement of getting correct visual habit is to maintain central fixation. It is also unnecessary to work hard to get an excessively wide field of view.