Publicly concerned visual problems

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Nearly all people around the world know the function and importance of good eyesight. But the group of people who acknowledge the significance of regular eye care is not equally large. Until now, there are diverse vision disorders and ocular problems that have been diagnosed and related treatments have also been developed. While scientists are trying best to work out new, advanced solutions to those recognized eye-related defects, it is also important to make the public be more aware of these common conditions. This writing discusses some of the popular vision problems and related new findings of them.

Blurry vision is usually caused by visual refractive errors

Blurry vision is quite common in the United States among modern citizens. A recent survey conducted by researchers from National Eye Institute says that about half of all US adults are suffering blurry vision. In fact, blurry vision is the most common symptom of refractive errors of the eyes, including nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. These errors can affect young adults, middle-aged individuals and older adults of all ethnicities. Researchers of the survey estimate that eye care addressing refractive errors costs the US government between $3.8 billion and $7.2 billion every year.

Dry eye affects a large portion of the total population

Dry eye has become a common eye problem among the American old populations. About 4.8 million old US citizens are bothered by dry eye, according to investigators from Harvard Medical School’s Schepens Eye Research Institute. In other words, 7.8% of women and 4.7% of men aging 50 or older have to endure dry eye in their daily lives. Common symptoms of dry eye include eye irritation and vision disturbance. This bothersome eye problem can influence daily activities such as computer use, driving and reading.

Caffeinated coffee can control eyelid spasm

Occasional eye twitch is in most cases normal that it may occur to many people. However, a small number of people may suffer extreme and uncontrolled eyelid spasms, which can even lead to temporarily blindness. An Italian study reported in June 2007 in the Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery and Psychiatry said that coffee drinking may help prevent or delay the development of severe eye spasms. Patients were suggested to drink at least one or two cups of caffeinated coffee every day.

Common eye diseases are rarely known by the public

Involving 3,000 adults, a survey sponsored by the National Eye Institute and Lions Club International Foundation indicates that most Americans overlook the risk of developing eye diseases. Actually, blindness is widely considered as one of the most dangerous health problems. But most Americans know little about basic knowledge of serious eye diseases, which will quite probably lead to blindness. The survey reveals that only 8% of respondents know there are no early warning signs of glaucoma. And only 11% of them know that diabetic retinopathy also has no warning signs. Furthermore, just 16% of participants of the survey have heard of the term “low vision”. Accurate information is the first step to make good eyesight possible. This survey does unveil some problems in the nation.