Relation between Eyes Vision and Mental Mechanism

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What people see through their eyes can influence a lot on their minds. The clearer people see, the easier for them to memorize. And if the eyes are greatly relaxed, they can remember things much clearer and easier. If the eyes are too stressed, they can not see things clearly and eye problems will occur as well. This composition tries to discuss the link between the eye’s vision perception and the ability of the brain to memorize the perceived things.

Vision perception determines partially memorizing ability

What the eyes suffer will influence the brain. The eyes always have a whole view of what they see. All of the perceived information by the eyes will be analyzed by the brain. The process of analyzing and memorizing cost a few seconds. And if the message is new, it will take longer time for the brain to remember. Still the degree of eye focusing will influence the extent of memorizing: the clearer, the longer. If people see new objects from different angles, they can have a better memory of them. Doubtlessly, the degree of eye relaxation will influence the speed of thinking.

Memorizing effect can also be affected by bias and tension

If people bear bias in something, they can not remember it easily. And too much tension will also reduce the effect of memorizing. So if objects are viewed in a relaxed and leisure way, people can have a better memory of them. This effect of memorizing can be proven by the fact that some patients usually have weaker ability to remember things, like taking pills. Here is an easy exercise that can help people to relax their eyes and the brain.

An exercise for eye and brain relaxation

Before starting the exercise, a comfortable position is very essential. One should keep his back up straight and hands relaxed while doing this exercise. Then he should form kind of images in his mind with the eyes closed. This entire process should be accompanied with smooth breathing. With these clear pictures in mind, one should exhale and inhale deeply in regular frequency. Periodic and smooth breathing is really a good way to get mental and physical relaxation.

Details of the relaxation exercise

When seeing the picture from one part to another, one should inhale and exhale. Especially, the rhythm should also be followed. When one look at one part of the picture, he should do some specific inhaling and exhaling. This process should be operated from the starting point to the end of the picture, and vice verse. The clearer the picture in the mind, the more relaxed one will be in the end.