A statement of potential LASIK complications

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In the realm of vision correction, the benefits of LASIK surgery have been widely publicized and stated. A result of this kind of propagation is that more and more people bothered by certain vision problems are appreciating the upside of LASIK procedure and consider receiving it with much expense. Currently, there are many advertisements and recommendations from other people about LASIK procedure. While most of them are positive reports encouraging people to have a try, this surgery is actually linked with some complications that may occur postoperatively.

The familiar benefits of LASIK surgery

It is well believed that most patients can received immediate vision improvement after the surgery and get satisfied with their outcomes. All in all, the most attractive benefit is the appreciable independence from corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses. More specifically, LASIK surgery is supposed to correct myopia and hyperopia on a permanent basis. After a successful cure, it is no longer necessary to wear prescription eyewear.

Take potential complications into account

However, it is possible to make a wise choice only if you have gained a balanced picture of both the benefits and potential complications of LASIK. Those patients ought not to neglect those possible complications even though they happen in rare cases. In reality, there have been many patients reporting different complications of LASIK. These complications that occur after the surgery will disappoint most involved patients for sure. Common postoperative complications or imperfect outcomes include over correction, under correction, dislocation of the LASIK flap and eye infection.

Gradual visual improvement

Moreover, some patients will fail to notice vision improvement immediately after the surgery. Dissimilar to most lucky patients who can restore good vision right away, some individuals take several months to stabilize their eyesight. During this process, visual fluctuation may persist. Compared with immediate visual improvement, the latter case can really be considered as a disappointing complication of LASIK.

Postoperative dry eye and treatment

Dry eye is a more common postoperative complication than gradual visual improvement. Depending on personal eye conditions, the severity of dry eye varies from one person to another. Simple and primary treatment for dry eye is administrating eye drops which are mostly expected to remove the condition quickly. When this complication persists and even furthers, it is necessary to take more extensive drops or just visit an eye doctor.

Diminished night vision

What’s more, some patients even experience diminished night vision. Common symptoms of this complication contain starbursts, glares and halos at night. Of course, these conditions are quite risky. It always takes several weeks for these symptoms to subside. The worse news is that these symptoms are generally out of medical control. Once they emerge, nothing can be done to make a remedy. During this process, night driving and similar activities should better be avoided.