Tricks of low cost LASIK commercials

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It is very common for you to get information from the advertisements on television. When you watch television lately, you may find numerous commercials promoting LASIK surgery at unbelievable low prices. And your deteriorating vision may force you to call the 1-800 numbers on the television screen. It seems that there is a voice telling you that you are eligible for low cost LASIK surgery.

An unusually low price is typically a trick

However, you should be aware of the underlying dangers of so called “low cost eye surgery”. After a consultation, you may find that the medical facility used by such a surgeon is a recreation vehicle. So you need to keep in mind that the low cost is always linked with abnormal conditions. You may not be careful enough that a medical facility or medical practice may advertise a very low price for only a portion of the total services, which means that you need to pay the remaining expense later.

Trick 1: Hidden services require additional payment

For example, you may need to pay a quoted price which only covers the surgery itself. And some additional service items including the follow-up eye care, the cost of consultation, pre-treatment diagnostic tests and some needed enhancements need to be paid after the completion of the surgery. In addition, you need to make sure whether the advertised price has included up to 1 year of follow up treatment.

Trick 2: Deny your eligibility for the low price

These low cost LASIK commercials may tell you that you don’t qualify for the low price. Keep in mind that it is just another trick. They just use your psychology to make you to feel that it is worthy of taking the low cost LASIK. The figures on the screen are not so reliable that you should pay extra attention. The eligibility requirements sometimes are just forged deliberately, which is only left up to the medical facility’s imagination.

A conclusion

Since there are so many tricks of low cost LASIK commercials, you should always be careful. Today, laser eye surgeries like LASIK and LASEK are performed in many eye care centers worldwide. On the other hand, the group of target customers is quite large, including all myopic, hyperopic, astigmatic and probably presbyopic ladies and gentlemen. It is a quite natural practice for these laser eye centers to attract more patients. Some of them even play the above tricks. Claiming to charge a quite low price is until now the most popular artifice, mainly because the average LASIK price is to a large degree unaffordable by most ordinary individuals.