Determination of LASIK procedure

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People unsatisfied with their eyesight may want to have a try at spectacles or contact lenses, which can temporarily correct refractive errors. Yet there are also some kinds of eye surgeries, which are supposed to correct vision problems permanently. Besides this benefit, patients should also make an evaluation that whether they are suitable for permanent vision correction through a procedure like LASIK. This writing lists some of the possible concerns while choosing LASIK for vision correction. It is necessary for a patient to balance the potential benefits against these concerns.

LASIK procedureWorkplace may preclude LASIK surgery

The first factor is the patient’s workspace. Some workplaces do not allow workers to have LASIK. The US Military is one of the most outstanding examples who prohibit soldiers from receiving LASIK. There are still some other kinds of employers who are restricted by similar work policies on such a procedure. Patients must take into account these policies from employers. It is believable that these workplace policies and regulations are set for the well being of workers.

LASIK excludes certain unhealthy conditions and drugs

Not everyone is suitable for LASIK procedure. LASIK candidates must be in good health and should not take certain medications that may cause bad effects after the surgery. In detail, people with some unhealthy conditions will be precluded, such as diabetes, Lupus, HIB and rheumatoid arthritis. In addition, some drugs must be stopped several weeks before receiving LASIK procedure, including those based on retinoic acid and steroids. These drugs negatively affect the eyes’ natural healing. It is a must to have these conditions checked by a surgeon.

Make a mental preparation to take a risk

LASIK procedure involves certain risks such as postoperative complications, which in some cases are inevitable just like any other operation. Patients considering LASIK should be ready to take a risk, although the procedure always produces a high rate of success. Mental preparation will help the patient to keep proper expectation and relieve nervousness.

Price consideration is necessary yet not decisive

Another concern should be given to the cost of LASIK surgery, which can significantly vary depending on specific clinics and surgeons. Experts suggest that patients should not choose a surgeon who charges least. Precious eyesight is worth the extra expense of receiving the best surgery from an experienced surgeon. For example, a modern bladeless LASIK is certainly more expensive than a traditional one, because more advanced equipment and skills are applied. A bladeless surgeon will charge more for sure. But it is important for a patient to appreciate the attached benefits, e.g. surgical risks are lowered and postoperative complications will be reduced.

LASIK may be more economical in the long run

Doubting the high price of LASIK, patients can still make a comparison between this price and the total expense if they continue to use spectacles or contact lenses during the remaining years in life. Annual eyesight tests and drops also cost certain amount of money. In fact, LASIK procedure benefits people with refractive errors both emotionally and financially.