Price and surgeon selection of LASIK surgery

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LASIK eye surgery is considered as the most effective and useful procedure for permanent vision correction. LASIK has several advantages, such as convenience that the patient can restore his work within a few days after the surgery. Performed in a form of outpatient, LASIK surgery does not cost the patient much time. In addition, LASIK has long been accepted as the safest refractive vision correction surgery. During its many years of practice, LASIK procedure has always been reported to bring high success rates and satisfy the vast majority of patients.

Who are candidates to LASIK surgery?

LASIK procedure is limited to treat people over 18 years old, so that young children are excluded because their eyes are still developing. This is why most school students are believed to be immature to receive an eye surgery. Since a laser eye surgery involves the cut of some corneal tissues, applying such a surgical treatment to a kid’s eye is much more risky. What’s more, patients planning to receive LASIK surgery should also get a prior consultation from the surgeon. Patients with certain history of eye diseases will also be prohibited from receiving LASIK procedure. A particular eye disease may have damage a certain part of the eye, making it uncorrectable.

LASIK price is linked with surgeon qualification and experience

Most patients will be charged per eye for LASIK by the surgeon. For the total cost of LASIK procedure of both eyes, the patients can solely double the price told by the surgeon. Costs of LASIK procedure vary considerably from one surgeon to another, falling between $500 and $2,500. It is highly reasonable that experienced surgeons charge higher prices. But those experienced surgeons in most instances provide more satisfactory visual outcomes. Candidates for LASIK are highly encouraged to focus on surgeon qualification and experience and accept a relatively high price when necessary.

Focus on surgeon experience and expertise instead of price

The selection of LASIK surgeon is quite critical. As mentioned before, experienced and skilled surgeons can ensure better surgical results. Patients should never risk their eyes in order to save the price gap by choosing a much inexperienced surgeon. In rare cases, less experienced surgeons also charge high costs unreasonably. In this consideration, the selection of LASIK surgeon does require a full investigation beforehand. One criterion is to choose experienced surgeon, rather than low price.

Other benefits of choosing a good surgeon

Actually, good surgeons can also offer additional services. For instance, experienced and knowledgeable LASIK surgeons can provide more information of LASIK, which is usually helpful for confused patients. Those surgeons who can not answer questions and concerns from patients are surely incompetent. From another perspective, this is also a good way to evaluate an eye surgeon. Another expectable benefit of selecting a qualified surgeon is that the risk of developing postoperative complications or side effects can be lowered.