Significant eye donation

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Eye donation can help the blind population in the world significantly. It is very easy to experience the feeling of a blind man. As the common voice among the blind goes, “close your eyes and you will see my world”. The world in a blind person’s mind is quite disappointing. No words can describe that pain.

Eye donation is quite meaningful

It is true that money donation by the rich can help many poor individuals maintain their daily lives. But the donation of tissue or organ is also an indispensible part. For a blind man, nothing is more valuable than a pair of health eyes. No one can imagine the pleasure a blind person will feel when he or she restores eyesight. Once a person dies, the eyes or some other organs are no longer needed.

The grieving family should be relieved

Although it may be unacceptable for the grieving family, organ donation is quite significant for the society and the needy. From another point of view, their loved one will continue to live because his or her organ will be implanted into another human being’s body. Considering both the wish of the loved one and the benefits to the society, the grieving family should understand organ donation.

Responsible organizations collect donated eyes

The eyes are quite precious for everyone. And there are many eye banks receiving eye donation. The first eye bank was established in the United States in 1945. There are similar organizations in every country. It is worth mentioning that eye banks worldwide are non-profit organizations. They facilitate eye removal, eye processing, evaluation and finally distribution to the needy. All of them document consent of the donators and follow strict procedures and criteria in accordance with the laws. There are several websites in the United States offering helpful information about eye donation. and are two of them. More details of eye donation are available at these sites.

The range of acceptable eyes

An ordinary eye bank accepts eye donation covering a wide range. The first criterion is that the eyes should be donated within 6 hours after death. Eye donation is allowed starting two years old. In addition, related organization not only welcome healthy eyes, but also the eyes with a certain retinal problem, macular degeneration or even after a laser treatment. These defected eyes can be used for research purposes.

The use of received eyes

The donated and received eyes are of great significance to the entire society. And they will serve different purposes. Cornea, the front and transparent tissue of the eye, will be used to help corneal blind patients restore normal vision. And only this group of patients can benefit directly from donated eyes. The other parts of a donated eye will serve research and training purposes.

Donation of other organs

In addition to the eyes, other organs such as skin, liver as well as heart are also accepted by various donation centers. Before receiving one’s donation, a center will qualify one’s eligibility.