Online contact lenses vendor evaluation

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Prescription and non-prescription contact lenses are now popularly enjoyed by people with and without a need for vision correction. Lenses for fashion statement are also play a great role in the market. Among the huge group of contact lens users all over the world, buying contact lenses over the Internet is a preferable choice for some people. This portion of the Internet community is currently filled with thousands of millions of products in wonderful models. While online contact lenses can always meet customers’ imagination, it is sometimes hard to get a good pair.

It is necessary to evaluate online contact lens stores

Type contact lenses in google and you will surely get access to hundreds of online contacts stores. They vary significantly in terms of scale, brands provision, operation model, product inventory and so on. There are public traded corporations such as 1-800 Contacts and Walmart and still illegal sellers without full-time staff. Some small sellers may provide competitive prices but do not ensure the quality of their products and services. In this case, it is very important for online buyers to be clear of the seller’s credibility.

Get recommendations from professional price-comparison websites

Price-comparison websites such as RizRate, MySimon and have both advantages and disadvantages for online contacts purchase. These websites may introduce you to sellers that are new to you, and provide reviews from other customers to help you make a decision. However, you should find out potential rebates and calculate shipping costs, which are different among vendors. Worse still, the listings from these comparison websites may not reflect price update and only offer per-box prices in high-volume discounts.

Evaluate the seller’s scale

When you make a comparison between different online sellers, remember to factor in their scales. Large sellers usually provide better quality, more stock and long term business. You should avoid a basement operation. Contact lenses come in numerous combinations of power, curvature and diameter so that high-prescription lenses may not be stocked even by large vendors.

Read clearly the return policy

The seller’s return policy also worth your attention, since your prescription may change while you using a year’s supply of lenses or your shipment may be damaged in transit. Credible sellers have “About Us” pages to introduce their staff, history and so on. Secure websites should begin with “https://” rather than “http://”.

Different ways to receive orders and checkup

Online contact lens sellers that receive telephone orders are more trustful. Low-volume vendors may obtain lenses after you order them so that they can not provide the exact shipping date during the ordering process. What is important, legal online companies who receive mail-order must check your prescription with your ECP. Your ECP’s office has eight hours to make a response.

Check the seller’s familiarity or popularity

Customers should avoid unfamiliar online companies or comprehensively survey the company before making an order. Websites that provide satisfying rates and user reviews are good sources for research. You can also use the toll-free phone number on the seller’s website to verify its credibility. Back-room operations always use an answering machine.

Some other tips

To get the best valued contact lenses, you should compare prices among credible sellers. Total cost is decisive, including shipping and handling fees. Larger quantities can save you shipping expense, while rebates directly reduce your cost. You should add all fees before finishing your order, in case of any extra handling charge incorporated by the seller without any explanation.