Eyeglasses replacement and refund

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Some people may get headache from the choosing of eyeglasses, since there are many factors that should be taken into account: prescription, fashion as well as the real outcome. So customers should do some basic researches and be aware of the ground rules. While there are some helpful tips for choosing eyewear style and model, it is also important for people to learn about typical policies of eyewear replacement and refund.

Manufacturer’s defects mean free replacement

Notable eyeglasses frame manufacturers and optical stores always place their reputation first, so that you can get a quick replacement or refund should you encounter a manufacturer’s defect. For example, your eyeglasses frame breaks within a week after your purchase. However, customers can not get any compensation if the eyeglasses are abused by accidents, although a warranty may be provided.

Lens adjustment caused by improper prescription fitting

A pharmacist must give his patients the exact medication ordered by a doctor, and similarly an optician also must provide the exact eyeglasses according to doctor’s prescription. If you get a pair of glasses that brings uncomfortable vision, there is a mistake either by your doctor or the optician. Most of the optician stores will offer free adjustment at least once if the prescription has been changed. Of course, the optician should be responsible for his own mistake in making lenses and remake inaccurate lenses.

Frequently changing prescriptions require more adjustment

If your prescription is always changing, you can negotiate with your optician on how many times of free adjustment, or you can ask for a discount of frequent remakes until you get the comfortable prescription. This kind of practice is relatively common among young kids and teenagers. Their eyesight is still not stable and they usually have to change the lenses every one or two years. In this sense, setting a special plan of lens replacement with the optician is necessary.

Uncomfortable vision correction and frame

For people who are difficult to get used to progressive lenses, they can get a switch to free lined bifocal lenses or single vision lenses. But the price gap will never be refunded. Other excuses for replacement or refund include heavy frames, unstable fitting and face shape mismatch. These conditions usually requires for frame replacement.