How to deal with unsatisfying eyeglasses

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Eyewear products are delicate devices and it is not strange for glasses users to experience a mishap. While gaining great help of vision correction from eyeglasses, eyewear users have also to know how to deal with those mishaps during regular usage. For instance, a register’s sign and a written policy on the sales slip or other notes you got from the stores can entitle you to refund, depending on different state laws. But in most cases, only replacements of certain parts are available.

Choose a knowledgeable and courteous optician

In fact, the return or refund policies set by different optical stores vary greatly, thus making the selection of optician extremely important. Recommendation and products reviews from friends and relatives are always useful in choosing an optician. And you can test your optician to find out whether he is knowledgeable and responsible by talking to him. Inexperienced opticians may cause subsequent problems.

Change uncomfortable eyewear parts or the whole pair

Courteous opticians will always help you overcome common difficulties such as heavy lenses and uncomfortable frames. Many people have experienced uncomfortable eyeglasses because of too short temples, too tight bridge or nose pads. These problems can be simply resolved by the optician. In most cases, a replacement of a certain part will be the right solution. And in certain cases, it is acceptable to switch to other products by paying potential charge gaps.

Return the glasses and get refund

While most opticians do not claim refund, some optical stores even take back eyeglasses and offer refunds to customers without specific reasons. But their policies are different. Some of them receive entire-pair return within 7 days, while others only receive frames return within 30 days. The worst case is that many stores never take back eyeglasses.

Replace damaged eyewear parts under different plans

For other situations such as eyeglasses damage, there are insurance, warranties and replacement plans, which also vary between different stores. A damage insurance offered by some shops will charge from $25 to $50. Encountered with a scratch damage, you should consider whether the insurance price is higher than that of a new lens. Some warranties charge a one-time fee for lifelong replacements, while others limit the replacements number. Replacement cost may be included in the purchase price.

How to get external help?

Customers can get satisfying results if they have conducted enough researches about the optical stores’ policies before their shopping. Unfortunately, dissatisfaction may still happen even if you make negotiations with the optical shop. In this case, customers can go to the corporate headquarters for help. In addition, the Better Business Bureau and local consumer protection agencies are responsible for receiving customers’ complaints. A final action may be persuading other people to make business elsewhere.