How to maintain proper lens care

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Among individuals who need vision aid because of myopia or hyperopia, a big number of them choose to use Rx contact lenses. In addition, there are still many people who wear contact lenses just for a fashion statement. Both of these two types of wearers should remember that proper lens care and maintenance is very important for the health and safety of the eyes. Moreover, lens care on a regular basis will help keep the contact lenses in excellent condition during its span. Regular and proper lens care can extend the life of contacts and protect the eyes from potential complications caused by improper lens usage. There are several tips for appropriate lens care.

maintain proper lens careWashing hands is the first step

First of all, it is a necessity to wash the hands thoroughly with hot water and soap before handling a lens either out of the eye or out of the case. The reason is that particles of dirt or hair on the hands may easily adhere to the lens surface and further scratch the surface of the eye. This explains why the eyes may experience pain and discomfort when an unclean lens is inserted. In addition, the eyes may suffer illness or infection if there is viral material or bacteria on the lens surface transferred from dirty hands.

Rinse the lenses using a solution

With clean hands, the lenses should be applied with sterile lens solutions which can be obtained at any grocery store, drug store or mass merchandiser. Lens solution should be used to rinse the lenses before they are placed in the eyes and after they have been taken out of the eyes. In this way, any particles of dirt can be removed, realizing disinfection. Lens solution should go along with the lens case when the lenses are stored in it. This prevents contact lenses from drying out. It is also important to follow the instructions of lens removal and insertion.

About lens insertion

The first step is to place a correctly oriented lens on the tip of a forefinger. Use the middle finger of the same hand to pull down the lower eyelid and the forefinger of the other hand to lift the upper eyelid. Then it is the time to apply the lens on the eye. After that, gently release the eyelids and slowly blink to make an adjustment. The other lens can just follow the same steps.

About lens removal

There are two popular methods of contact lens removal. The first one involves using forefinger and thumb. Position the forefinger on the upper eyelid and thumb on the lower eyelid. Make a blink with slight hand pressure. The lens will fall out naturally. The other method called pinch method. Use the forefinger to slide the lens to the lower part of the eye and pinch it between the thumb and forefinger. Then just remove it.