Special-effect contacts in novelties and movies

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Special-effect contactsYou may wonder that how the special eye effects in Halloween, theatrical use, novelties and movies can be achieved. In fact, they come from variations of colored contact lenses. Called special-effect contact lenses, they are divided into gothic contact lenses and crazy lenses. Special-effect lenses are made of opaque colors that can either enhance your costume color or provide a drastic eye color change if your natural eye color is dark.

Design and cost of special-effect contact lenses

Gothic contact lenses are available in both prescription and non-prescription types, and possibly custom type. They are particularly designed to create special effects in novelties, theatrical productions, as well as for Halloween enjoyment. Special-effect lenses can even be hand painted to suit personal needs. Other crazy lenses can make an entire eye black and mask its natural color. Most of the special-effect lenses cost as much as traditional colored contact lenses, while hand-painted designs require a much higher fee. Some of these lenses may be covered by vision insurance plans. A widely accepted theatrical contact lenses brand is Wild Eyes from CIBA Vision, including “red hot” and “black-out” style gothic contact lenses.

About lens care

Like all of the other contact lenses, special-effect lenses may cause an eye infection if proper lens care is not guaranteed. These lenses should be cleaned, rinsed and disinfected regularly. According to related U.S. laws, a prescription is required for the purchase of these lenses, even if you have no eye problems. In the realm of contact lenses, Plano lenses are not equal to non-prescription lenses. All forms of contact lenses are medical devices. During an eye exam for special-effect contacts, ineligible patients will be dissuaded.

Choose an authorized source

You should always purchase special-effect lenses from an authorized source, which requires a lens prescription according to the law. Gothic lenses from illegal flea markets may exert a higher risk on your eyes. You can get FDA approved lenses from an ECP or any other source if you have got a valid prescription. Of course, any source should ensure proper lenses fitting and comfort. Moreover, an illegal source or retailer involves higher risks of developing an eye infection.

Keep away from extended wear products

Special-effect lenses are designed for daily wear only. The over-night versions are not FDA approved. This is probably because of the special lens effect through tinting is believed to be risky during nighttime use. In fact, nearly all colored contact lenses are not approved for overnight wear. With a proper care regimen, gothic lenses involve no more risk than regular contact lenses.