Primary knowledge of astigmatism contact lenses

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Toric contact lenses correct astigmatism

Toric contact lenses for astigmatism correction are available from various brands, with different materials, designs and features. In general, toric lenses are designed to stay more stably on the cornea. However, a small portion of toric lens wearers may experience lens rotation, which will certainly affect vision quality. In this case, these individuals should see a contact lens specialist to search out the underlying cause.

Toric contact lenses for extended wear

astigmatism contact lensesMany people are attracted by the convenience of extended wear contact lenses, because daily removal or care is somehow bothersome. Nowadays, many contact lenses are actually provided in extended wear style. Both toric contact lenses and rigid gas permeable lenses are available in this wearing schedule. The common feature of these two types is that they allow more oxygen in the eye. Most of the extended wear lenses are approved to last up to six days without removal. Even wearing extended contacts, regular rinsing of eyes with saline is also needed to remove debris and bacteria. All in all, extended wear is satisfying that it offers clear vision upon awakening.

Bifocal and monovision toric contact lenses

Contact lenses for single vision correction have been around for many years. Currently, there are also bifocal contact lenses available both in gas permeable and soft toric types. These bifocal contact lenses as well as bifocal eyeglasses are capable of correcting presbyopia and another refractive error in the eye. What’s more exiting, monovision can be applied to bifocal contact lenses, offering more custom options.

Avoid plain old contact lenses

Since eyeglasses can not “correct” astigmatism and they only can compensate for it, some people may choose “plain old contacts” to correct this vision problem because modern contacts such as toric lenses are much more expensive. However, the most significant drawback of those plain old contact lenses is that they bring blurry vision. In fact, clear vision from modern contact lenses deserves the extra cost.