Reasons for contact lenses discomfort

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Contact lenses are not always comfortable for every one. In fact, about a half of contacts wearers have ever suffered from discomfort, so that they may discard them forever. Discomfort of contact lenses may happen when your eyes do not feel well, look good, see well, or just have a minor irritation. You should always visit your doctor and never be afraid to tell him your eye problems. Otherwise, the discomfort may lead to more serious vision problems.

Once you suffer from lens discomfort, discontinuity is not the only solution. There are many ways to make a remedy, depending on different eye problems. And the first task is to find out the exact underlying reason.

Foreign body sensation

If you always feel that something is in your eyes, you may ask an eye doctor for a check on lens size. Contact lenses are not one-size-fit-all. Each lens has a diameter and the base curve. Every patient needs a customized lens fitting from an optician. A body sensation may also be caused by protein deposits on the lenses. It is necessary to make a thorough lens cleaning to remove protein deposits.

Dry eye

If your eyes are too dry for lenses wearing, you should change your unhealthy diet, such as alcohol abuse. Excess computer use may also cause dryness, eye strain and redness. This condition can be treated with prescription and non-prescription eye drops, which require still a compatibility checkup.

End-day discomfort

If you suffer from end-day discomfort, you may change a new contacts type that contains less water, so that the dehydration rate can be lowered. Soft and rigid gas permeable contact lenses do contain different percentages of water.

Eye allergy

If you have allergies, you should keep your lenses clean or simply use daily disposable ones. In addition, it is very important to avoid allergens in the environment such as pollen and animal dander. In a serious case, just stop using contact lenses.