Some basic aspects of contact lenses

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contact lensesMade of plastic, contact lenses are widely used to correct refractive errors such as myopia and hyperopia. It is widely known that astigmatism can be corrected by prescription eyeglasses. Now, contact lenses in an aspheric version are also supposed to rectify this refractive error. And the product is called toric contact lenses. In addition to these common visual defects, contact lenses are also possibly needed by people after a cataract surgery. Receiving imperfect visual outcome, these people still need help from contact lenses.

Contact lenses differ from eyeglasses

Over the past years, contact lenses have made great improvement in lens technology. Unlike eyeglasses, contact lenses fit directly and perfectly over the eyes. In other words, they float on the tiny layer of tears over the cornea. In this case, contacts must be manufactured with a proper design, in order to ensure eye safety. In contrast, eyeglass lenses keep a relatively far distance from the cornea.

Contact lenses have kinds of advantages over eyeglasses. For example, sportsmen can get more convenience from wearing contacts. Athletes do not need to worry about lens shattering or broken. Even if some people choose to wear protective glasses during sports, they are not as convenient as contact lenses. On the other hand, contact lenses also exert extra requirements on the wearers. A wearer needs patience and motivation to adjust to lenses and deal with lens cleaning and replacement.

Buy contact lenses from an ECP

Contacts wearers should keep in mind with many requirements of lens use and care. The most important one is that a customer must visit an eye doctor to get some advice before purchasing contact lenses. There are many services that are available from an eye doctor, including eye examination, personal lens evaluation, cleaning kits as well as proper method of lens insertion and removal.

Pre-use lens care

It is imperative that contact lens wearers should wash the hands thoroughly before handling the lenses, in case of bringing any dirt to the lenses. Contact lenses themselves also require regular cleaning. A wearer should rub the lenses with fingers and rinse them with the lens solution. Contact lens users must use lens solutions that are prescribed by the doctor. In addition, lens solutions can never be reused. There are always guidelines of the amount of lens solutions that should be used every time. Wearers should not make a compromise.

Post-use lens care

Contact lenses after removal should be properly stored in a lens case, which also requires regular replacement every season. When it comes to the lens replacement, contacts wearers should follow the optometrist’s instruction. They should visit a doctor regularly to get lens checkups.

Contact lenses are not for everyone

In addition, people with certain eye problems have difficulty in wearing contact lenses. Those preventive factors include eye dryness, asthma, allergies and so on. People involving any of these factors should make a detail consultation with an eye care practitioner and tell all of the truth. Moreover, dust particles in workplaces may also prevent a person from wearing contacts.