Be careful of LASIK complications

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The invention of LASIK surgery is really a great pleasure for folks who have a vision problem and are forced to wear corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses. The most exciting news for those people is that LASIK eye surgery being the most popular laser eye surgery has always been reported with satisfactory results. Even though successful cases of LASIK surgery account for the majority, it is necessary for all candidates to assess some risks and complications of the procedure. The delicate eyes should be always kept away from significant risks. Once suffered from an unwanted mishap, making a remedy may become difficult or even impossible.

Candidate assessment before the surgery

In most cases, a patient who is considering LASIK should make an appointment with the surgeon for a preoperative examination of the eyes. Such a prior exam is essential for the surgeon to evaluate whether the patient is a good candidate for the procedure. This candidate assessment should not be skipped. When a surgeon accepts patients without making such a prior evaluation, this is definitely an irresponsible doctor. Necessary items to be checked contain the patient’s personal and family history of certain ocular diseases, e.g. diabetes, glaucoma and so on. Past experiences of serious dry eye should also be reported actively by the patient. The reason is that these factors may increase the incidence of postoperative complications or side effects. The surgeon is responsible for making an overall evaluation based on reflection from the patient.

The patient is encouraged to ask any problems

During this initial visit, the patient is allowed to also ask the doctor for answers to any concerns in mind about the surgery, including potential risks and complications. In addition, a detailed consultation about other factors such as price, the qualification of the surgeon and follow-up care is always encouraged. But in fact, this work will be proper after receiving a positive attitude from the surgeon about candidate assessment.

Possible negative problems after LASIK procedure

LASIK surgery has been reported with some negative points. As a refractive eye surgery, LASIK may cause debilitating visual symptoms after the procedure, e.g. double vision, halos, loss of visual lines and so forth. For those suffered from under correction, corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses are still needed even after the procedure. Moreover, dry eye syndrome can be caused by LASIK surgery. Actually, the surgeon’s expertise plays a decisive role in decreasing the possibility of those mentioned complications. In this case, it is quite important to choose a qualified surgeon with much experience, even if a higher price will be charged.

The long-term effectiveness of LASIK still needs to be proven

Until now, long-term data of LASIK surgery is still unavailable because this procedure has just been introduced in hospitals for a few years. This makes it impossible to get convincing evidences proving the effectiveness of this surgery on vision correction in the long run. What’s more, nearly all tests and results revealed by hospitals tend to advocate the positive aspects of LASIK. This definitely reflects their strong desire to make high profits. It is unwise to believe these tests without making a second thought.