The Side Effects and Complications of Laser Eye Surgery

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Since the advent of laser eye surgery, the dream of having perfect vision has come to reality for people with poor eyesight. However, like other surgical treatments, laser eye surgery also has some side effects, which mostly depend on the surgeon and equipment. Before you decide to take an eye surgery, you should know the potential side effects and the ways to avoid them. It is irresponsible to shield the existence of the risks of taking laser eye surgeries. However, knowing underlying causes and potential risks of postoperative negative consequences will enable patients to make some necessary preparation and work hard to minimize surgical risks.

Poorer eyesight or complete vision loss

The consequences of bad laser eye surgery are very serious, devastating, and difficult to deal with. One of the most serious results is a poorer vision than before, or a complete loss of eyesight. A wrong procedure carried out by the doctor or an incomplete procedure because of faulty equipment during the surgery can lead to the above situations. So, keep in mind that you get a skilled doctor and advanced equipment. In this way, the possibility of bad laser surgery can be greatly reduced.

Double or triple vision

Another potential bad result is the development of double or triple vision, which mostly happens in a dim light environment. The double vision effect, also called the halo effect, being created during the cornea reshaping procedure, leads to the emergence of a second faded image which in fact does not exist at all. As a result, the eyes after surgery becomes worse, and you are sure to regret receiving the surgery.

Over-correction and under-correction situations

Laser eye surgery can be divided into two procedures, including the cornea cutting and reshaping. Any mistake during the two procedures will result in an over-correction or under-correction situation. Either of them is disappointing and even devastating. An under-corrected eye needs to be further corrected by a second surgery, while an over-corrected eye is out of surgical control and has no effective remedy. The only solution is to wear prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses as before.

Eye infection after the surgery

Infection may be the most popular concern among patients who are interested in a laser eye surgery. Cornea infection is quite likely to happen after the PRK and LASIK procedures, especially when the equipment is not completely antisepticised. A serious eye infection will certainly prolong the healing time and bring more inconvenience and possibly a disappointing visual outcome.

How to make a wise decision

Laser eye surgery is a relatively safe and effective way to improve people’s eyesight. But all candidates are encouraged to realize the side effects and bad results and do as much as they can to ensure a successful surgery. Actually, a lot of the side effects can be kept away if you choose a skilled doctor and advanced technologies. Meanwhile, you can research on the failure experiences of the laser eye surgery to know better about the surgical details. If you fully understand the side effects of the surgery, you can make a reasonable decision on whether or not to take it.