Conditions associated with AMD drivers

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Many people know that AMD in a severe stage can cause blindness. Another point of this dangerous disease is that it affects daily activities including driving. Difficulty in driving caused by AMD varies from one person to another. Moreover, weather and driving conditions are also decisive. This writing presents some of the problematic conditions associated with driving.

On a sunny day, glare is usually the most bothersome thing for AMD patients. In a serious case, an AMD driver can not see other cars clearly. Most people will choose sunglasses which have long proven their effectiveness in blocking glare. It is necessary for AMD drivers to buy sunglasses with best quality.

A second condition in drivers with macular degeneration is the inability to see objects in an environment with low contrast. Low contrast conditions include seeing a white car on a snowy or cloudy day and seeing a black car at night. These conditions are extreme dangerous at night. AMD drivers are discouraged from driving at night.

This is quite reasonable because driving with low vision at night is very challenging compared to driving during the day. An extreme situation is to see a black car or a person dressed in dark colors on a dark night. For AMD patients, it is almost impossible to see such an object because of the vision loss.