Sunglasses that block out harmful blue light

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Associated with natural aging, oxidation process usually causes free radicals, which are harmful to body health including the eye health. The authors of Save Your Sight Dr. Michael and Marc Rose have pointed out that an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants is the major contributor to various eye diseases. Free radicals are also closely associated with many other disabilities and diseases related with aging.

Sunglasses that block UV rays

Potential causes of free radicals include overexposure to sunlight, pesticides, car exhaust, cigarette smoking as well as household cleaners. Among these factors, sunlight exposure is particularly harmful to the eyes. Retinal cells of the eye are quite vulnerable to oxidization process caused by UV rays in the sunlight. This also explains why sunglasses have been recommended as a necessity during outdoor activities. These sunglasses effectively provide both adults and children with UV protection.

Sunglasses that block out harmful blue lightSunglasses that block blue light

Another special type of sunglasses is blue blocking sunglasses. Blue light waves are 400 to 500 nanometers long. Actually they make up the blue color of the sky. However, blue light is extremely harmful to the retina. This type of high-energy visible light has proven by some researchers as a reason for age-related macular degeneration (AMD), a serious eye disease. Retina including the macula definitely needs long-term protection. The reason is that blue light damage is a cumulative process involving long-term blue light exposure. Most people know that macular degeneration occurs only in the elderly individuals. AMD patients suffer a loss of fine detail in vision.

Nowadays, many sunglasses have been developed to help protect the eyes against blue light. The most popular design takes use of tinted sunglass lenses. Lenses that are tinted orange or amber are most efficient in blocking blue light, while other tinted lenses can block part of blue light. Currently, there are still debates on the effectiveness of blue-blocking sunglasses. But the fact is that many sunwear manufacturers have been making related products for many years.

Blue blocking sunglasses in different brands and styles

Noir Glasses provide effective blue blocker sunglasses. These sunglasses from various brands can also reduce glare while maintaining natural brightness. Other brands include Oakley, Maui Jim, Uvex and Revo. Blue blocking sunglasses are available in several styles. Wrap around sunglasses can fit over the regular glasses. Sunglasses that block out blue light also come in clip-on types. In addition, polarized sunglasses are now available in HEV blocking version.